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We have developed, over many years, strong relationships with a highly diverse group of industrial and engineering manufacturers, both of end-user products and production/process equipment. We also support established supply chains by manufacturing for specialist component distributors and service providers operating VMI/DLF systems.

Springtech’s flexible capabilities mean we successfully provide tailored solutions, products and services to SME’s and multi-site international operations. Our Engineers also work closely with Technical Consultancies to provide them with the specialist expertise for the material specification of ever more sophisticated springs, wireforms and pressings.


  • Process & Automation Equipment
  • Fluid & Air Management System
  • Component Distribution
  • Packaging & Labelling Equipment
  • Consultancy
  • Material Handling Equipment


  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing
  • Hydraulics
  • Bearing Systems
  • Flow Metering & Control
  • Plastic Moulding & Injection Equipment
  • Pressure Regulators

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Our range of products for the industrial and engineering sectors is vast and ever expanding. We have successfully developed long-term supply partnerships with specialist micro manufacturers through to high volume multinational customers and the distribution-supply chain provider networks.

Process, Automation & Robotics

Springtech manufactures springs, wireforms and pressings for process, automation and robotics, chemical processing, fluid and air management systems and material handling to name just a few applications. We supply a number of customers manufacturing packaging and labelling machinery and we have a long and successful partnership with companies producing fire detection and extinguishing equipment.

Partnering with Engineering Consultancies

We also increasingly partner with Engineering Consultancies to provide the specialist spring and wireform technical expertise in the development of ever-more complex and sophisticated product for commercial and consumer products.

Early Stage in Design Process

Our unique knowledge of material behaviour, utilised at an early stage in the validation process, ensures that the application delivers specified performance and reliability benchmarks consistently throughout its working life.

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