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Springs and wireforms are used throughout the telecommunications industry (both terrestrial and space-based). At Springtech we manufacture a wide variety of clips, contacts and connectors which are used in applications ranging from cell phones to satellites.

Along with innovative designs our fully integrated product finishing services meet or exceed our customers’ requirements for electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and thermal management. As well as power and battery solutions our pressing product capabilities allow us to design, tool and manufacture innovative components for the antenna industry.


  • Wire & Cable
  • Network – wireless
  • Network – wired
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Satellite & Antenna
  • Equipment & Peripherals


  • Connectors & Contacts
  • Antennas
  • Clips
  • Power & Battery
  • Communication Devices
  • Thermal Management

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Our business designing and manufacturing precision springs, wireforms and pressings to the telecoms industry is diverse, fast growing and evolving at an ever increasing pace. Placing innovation at the centre of our core competences has enabled us to become a key supply partner for telecoms product manufacturers as game-changing technology developments continue to come on-stream.

Diverse Range of Products

Our customers manufacture a diverse range of products for network systems, data centres, enterprise routers and servers, base stations, satellites, communication devices, equipment and peripherals.

Total Quality Control

All of our customers, low or high volume, demand high performance, precision made products which we consistently deliver due to our commitment to total quality control from design through manufacture to despatch.

Power, Cable & Thermal Management

We design and manufacture antenna components for GPS data identification and locator devices used for personal survival systems, military, security and emergency services. Our springs, clips and wireforms are widely used in power, cable, thermal management products and electronic enclosures.

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