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Working in Manufacturing

Are you looking to work for a Company with a wide variety of jobs in a sector which provides long-term career opportunities and development!  A job where you have a contract of employment, wages paid monthly, guaranteed pension scheme, guaranteed paid holidays, guaranteed paid sickness and guaranteed regular work and work in your local community.

So, what’s manufacturing got to offer the job seeker?

It’s got some high tech, some low tech, pays well and provides a platform to learn and feel part of the local community. There are many types of entry level jobs and many types of highly skilled jobs both providing long-term career development and significant opportunity to learn, yes, Learn! Leaning is about you embracing the opportunity, showing your interest and aptitude in developing your own skills and Springtech will allow you to develop your knowledge, skills and provide the opportunity of working with a wide variety of technologies and projects often working with different colleagues. At Springtech, the more you put in, the more you get out!

So, what’s manufacturing all about?

If you think about it, most modern-day items that you use day to day, whether to cook, drive, fly, sport, tech, furniture and so on would not be possible if it wasn’t for manufacturing. In most applications mechanical Springs are found, whether to open / close, whether to cushion, whether to extend, whether to restrict, accelerate, whether to seal, whether to act as a support. Springs are essential in most modern applications that we take for granted today!

For more information:

Email:  careers@springs.co.uk

Phone the switchboard 01494 556700 – ask for “open job positions”