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Careers at Springtech

At Springtech we develop and manufacture a wide range of mechanical springs from a wide range of metal materials. Springs are metal components that are used in most man-made applications:

  • from Aerospace to Vehicles
  • from Energy (Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Wave) to Electronics 
  • from Medical Devices to Construction, Infrastructure
  • from Defence to general Industries

The list of applications where springs are used is endless as such the work / job opportunities are also endless…..

JOBS – Tool Makers / Tool Making at Springtech

Jobs specifying & developing precision tooling for Power Press and Multi-slide tooling. The tooling is highly precise and enables press machinery to “Stamp” out precision components. In the early stage of such developments, prototype tooling is utilized to evaluate the best practice for developing the tool in order that the precision components can be made to specification and in quantity.

Tooling is also developed for most manufacturing aspects such as Jigs & Fixings for specific manufacturing / engineering projects and machine related tooling for Automated CNC spring coilers, Grinders, Hand forming and assembly sections.

JOBS – engineers, draughtsman, formers, setters, operators at Springtech

Staff switch between different equipment in the manufacture process as no two parts are the same. Full training and certification is provided for staff operating such equipment; Lathes, Turning, Milling, Drilling, Wire Erosion, Surface grinding, Fly presses, Hand Forming tools & equipment Jigs, Fixtures, welding. Staff operating in these areas enjoy a wide variety of projects and are able to develop enhanced project engineering techniques in order to improve the manufacture process and the quality of product output.

JOBS – CNC Spring Coilers & CNC Wire Formers at Springtech

Spring making involves setting machines by loading material (wire), programming logical and variable code based on the initial spring design and then running / operating the machine. At Springtech over 20 Spring Coilers and Wire Formers are installed, wire diameters of between 0.2mm to 25.4mm can be used for the manufacture of parts.  The variety of products manufactured and the variety of machines used allows the Machine Setters and Operators to switch between machines to manufacture literally thousands of different precision parts on a regular basis. Staff in this department often work with the technical and quality department to ensure accuracy of parts.

JOBS – Power & Multi-slide presses at Springtech

Flat Springs and other precision components are manufactured by loading the appropriate flat strip metal into a machine, Load the precision tool (developed and maintained by Springtech) and then setting and running the press equipment. A variety of press machinery is available to operators and switching between different machines occurs on a regular basis. This type of equipment is highly powerful and can stamp parts from flat materials. Controlling and monitoring systems are utilized on such equipment to ensure manufacture performance and accuracy.

JOBS – Grinding, Industrial Cleaning, Passivation, Heat Treatment at Springtech

Many of the precision parts manufactured require some sort of additional process where parts can be ground (Grinding) to change the outer shape / surface of the wire component. (Cleaning & Passivation) equipment requires operators to set and monitor the process of removing excessive oils and greases having accumulated on parts through the manufacture process and whereby rough edges are removed. Precision components can also require hardening, (strengthening) are processed in large industrial ovens whereby operators set and monitor the ovens temperature and process timing.

JOBS – Facilities & Machine maintenance at Springtech

Supporting the building infrastructure, plant and machinery and associated equipment requires staff to preventatively maintain pre-scheduled maintenance works to ensure downtime and disruption is limited. Maintenance staff interact with all departments & staff often working with technical staff, outside specialist contractors and suppliers enabling the rapid resolution of any technical failure.

JOBS – Warehouse / Logistics at Springtech

A busy manufacturer requires staff to facilitate the smooth logistical organization of goods moving in and out of the factory but also internally as well. Stores hold stock of materials, cataloged by type, size) and are controlled by booking in procedures using the production stock systems. Staff deal with a variety of subcontractors where Springtech outsource other specialist processes such as plating, coating and painting, coordinating the movements of goods efficiently.

Delivering products to our clients requires packing staff whom pack parts in appropriate packaging and utilize stock control and inventory management systems to facilitate such delivery. Whilst we have our own vehicles, we also use various carriers for long-distance and international deliveries. Dispatch, Packers, Drivers and logistics staff work closely together to coordinate timely delivery.

JOBS – Production Control, Planning and Administration at Springtech

A wide variety of other non-manufacturing jobs are necessary at a manufacturer. Technical designers, Production controllers and Quality Inspection staff work closely to ensure quality and conformance of product and on-time delivery. Various production planning and coordination systems are used to assist.

Buying (Procurement) is an essential process as without material availability production delays occur. The Buyer researches new sources of material supplies, technical consumables and general consumables, managing stock levels and availability. Maintaining relationships with all suppliers is essential to ensuring smooth and efficient production planning at Springtech.

Administration covers a wide variety of different jobs that are undertaken, including Sales Order Management, Finance, accounting, database management & Analysis, Stock control, delivery management, human resources, marketing, sales, and naturally management thereof.

Find out more:

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