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Energy, Power & Renewables

Our unique knowledgebase of material and spring product behaviour makes Springtech the ideal partner for manufacturers specifying products to operate in the most demanding of conditions, such as the nuclear power industry.

Unlike some spring manufacturers, we do not offer ‘stock’ product solutions where a specific, tailor-made specification is required to ensure that performance and reliability are optimised. Our engineers invest the time to fully understand the specific application and will ensure that our specification will take into account elements such as corrosion and thermal resistance.


  • Generation
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Nuclear
  • Bioenergy
  • Hyrdro, Solar, Wave, Wind (onshore/offshore)


  • Pumps, Valves & Actuators
  • Transformers & Power Regulators
  • Cable Management
  • Solar Panel Mounting
  • Wind Turbines

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Energy, Power & Renewables

We supply springs, wirefoms, clips and contacts to companies operating in the energy generation, transmission and distribution sectors. Whether it is gas, nuclear, electricity, wind or solar our engineers will ensure that both spring design and material selection is matched to the specific application and working conditions.

Nuclear Power & Fuel Processing

Springtech stocks a range of super-alloys, including Hastelloy and Inconel, which are specified for use in spring applications for nuclear reactors and fuel processing such as valves, pumps and flow control systems.

Pipeline & Cable Management

We manufacture a range of clips and fittings used in electrical cable management and gas pipeline installations and bespoke springs and wireforms for transformers with product finishing to enhance conductivity and thermal resistance.

Renewable Energy Generation

Springtech is a key supplier to the rapidly growing renewable energy generation sector. We work with OEM Wind Turbine manufacturers both for motor and sensing applications and with solar power suppliers to manufacture specialist panel mounting components.

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