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Our metal Pressing Centre has the flexible capabilities to offer customers presswork, stampings and flat-strip components from single-action operator controlled presses for lower volumes to automatic, mechanical and hydraulic presses for high volume demand.

Consistent with our overall manufacturing strategy, the Springtech Pressing Centre has been developed over many years to offer customers ultimate flexibility in terms of product design and volume capabilities. We have invested in single action, automatic and multi-slide presses both mechanical and hydraulic, ranging from 6-40 tonnes.

Prototyping & Specialised Applications

For prototype work, low volume or highly specialised applications we offer single action, operator controlled presses. We also offer pressed metal assembly capabilities, tailored to individual customer requirements.

In-house Tool Room

Our in-house Tool Room can design and fabricate production tooling to customer specifications and ensure that the tooling is maintained to deliver consistent, high quality product output over many production cycles.

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