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Our materials knowledgebase is a unique resource utilised by Springtech Engineers to ensure our spring, wireform and pressings are optimised for the specific industry, application and working environment.

We have created an informative guide to the types of materials which we use in our manufacture and the various surface finishes which can be applied to further augment product performance, resilience and reliability.

A thorough understanding of material behaviour is essential if a product is to successfully deliver the product specifications and dynamics in real-life working conditions. At Springtech we have invested in an extensive inventory of standard materials and super-alloys to support our manufacturing activities across a wide diversity of applications and industry sectors.

Materials for Performance-Critical Applications

We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing products for demanding applications across a number of performance-critical industries such as aerospace, medical, deep-water oil & gas and defence. As well as carbon and stainless steels, we also hold inventories of alloys which deliver enhanced resistance to low/high temperatures and corrosion from sea water, chemicals and gases.

Beryllium Copper

Carbon Steel



High Carbon Steel (Music Wire)





Ni-Span C

Phosphor Bronze

Stainless Steels

Super Duplex & Duplex



Wire diameter sizes: 0.2mm to 25.4mm (material type dependent)

Speed of Response

This successful combination of material expertise and on-hand inventory means we can respond quickly to customer project enquiries and select the optimum material for the specific application requirements to ensure delivery of performance, reliability, longevity and cost parameters.

For more information, download a copy of the Springtech white paper Spring Materials & Surface Finishing (see download link below).

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