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From tailor-made springs for locking systems to high volume wireformed clips for roofing, glazing and window blinds Springtech supplies high quality products to customers across the commercial/residential construction and building maintenance industries.


  • Commercial/Industrial/Retail
  • Residential
  • Roofing Products
  • HVAC
  • Conservatories/Greenhouses
  • Interior Products


  • Door & Locking Systems
  • Window Blinds
  • Commercial Ventilation Systems
  • Roofing Tile Clips
  • Glazing Retaining Clips
  • Elevators & Lifts

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Springtech is the supplier of choice for many manufacturers in the construction and fitting-out industries. We manufacture a wide range of products from simple fixing and retaining clips to bespoke specified precision compression, extension and torsion springs for the locking and security products sector.

Facility Management Systems

We manufacture a wide variety of springs for many diverse applications including building management panels, key pads, elevator controls, security systems etc. We supply both OEM manufacturers and building service management companies.

Roofing, Glazing & HVAC

For the roofing and glazing industry we manufacture pressed and wireformed bespoke retaining clips and fixings for tiles, windows and solar panels In the HVAC sector we supply specialised fittings and components for piping networks, air conditioning and ventilation systems and compression springs for heating/plumbing valves and pumps.”

Interior & Decorative

We also supply a range of springs, retaining clips and bespoke wireforms for interior decorative product applications including window blinds (vertical and venetian), lighting systems and door furniture.

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