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At Springtech our engineers have long experience in partnering with customers in the Marine industry who demand springs, wireforms and pressings which have the resilience and reliability to successfully perform in the most demanding of environmental conditions.

Our validation process will not only configure the optimum product for the application but will also select the most appropriate material taking into account the impact of factors such as stressing from highly corrosive working conditions.


  • Commercial/Recreational
  • Dockyard
  • Cargo Handling
  • Survival & Safety Equipment
  • Fishing & Aquaculture
  • Performance Yachting


  • Engines & Genset
  • Propulsion & Gears
  • Pumps & Valves
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Monitoring Buoys
  • Survey Equipment

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Springtech serves customers across the full breadth of marine (commercial and leisure), fishing and aquaculture sectors, supplying products for OEM manufacturers and supporting dockyard and offshore service/maintenance agents.

In-depth Knowledge of Materials

Our Engineers have in-depth knowledge of the materials required to ensure our springs and wireforms perform reliably in operating conditions which can be highly corrosive and at elevated temperatures in engine rooms. Our tailor-made compression springs for valves, or garter springs for hydraulic pump seals can be specified in standard materials or super-alloys (Hastelloy/Monel/Inconel) if operating conditions require greater resistance to the impact of corrosion and high temperatures.

High Performance & Trusted Reliability

As well as engine room applications we also supply springs, wireforms and pressings for deck handling, offshore loading equipment, rigging systems and clips, contacts and antennas for survival/safety devices and marine monitoring equipment. Our unique knowledgebase of materials behaviour in marine environments makes Springtech the supply partner of choice for customers requiring high performance and trusted reliability.

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