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Aerospace & Defense

Specialist Springs are our forte! Utilising our extensive inventory of exotic materials and super alloys, our Design Engineers develop sophisticated solutions for mission-critical projects across the aerospace, defense, security and space sectors. From complex military cockpit infrastructure to cabin stowage systems, Springtech is the supplier of choice for quality-driven springs with full-lot traceability.


  • Aircraft (Civil & Military)
  • Helicopters (Civil & Military)
  • Drones (Civil & Military)
  • Military Vehicles
  • Satellites
  • Weapons Systems & EW


  • Cabin Interiors & Galley Equipment
  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Environmental & Fluid Control Systems
  • Research & Development
  • Electronics

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Aerospace & Defense

Springtech are a trusted long-term supply partner for companies operating in the aerospace, defense and security industries who require the highest standards of product performance and quality conformance. We have built relationships with UK and international customers, both in the civil and military sectors, who utilise our unique integrated spring design and manufacturing services for a wide range of mechanical and electronic applications.

Bespoke Springs for Civil & Military Applications

Our bespoke springs (offered in a variety of materials including music wire, carbon steels etc) are utilised in firearm, combat, fire control and EW system applications. We also work closely with civil and military manufactures of electronic surveillance, security, logistics and mission support devices and equipment.

Extensive Material Inventory

Our Aerospace division designs and manufactures tailor-made springs and pressings for a wide range of applications including fluid and environmental control, cabin storage systems, seating, lighting and galley equipment. We offer quick turnaround for new projects due to our extensive inventory of materials including Inconel and Titanium.

Full-lot Traceability

We have developed long term supply partnerships, fully utilising our full-lot traceable quality system, with a number of specialist military aerospace manufacturers, supplying compression, extension and torsion springs for cockpit infrastructure, avionics and mission control systems.

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